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And Even the Wolves Hid their Teeth and Tongue
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Cthulhu Over Evansville's LiveJournal:

Saturday, January 28th, 2006
2:44 am
CoC Update

  • Went to Chenango Fork
  • Met with Det. McCormick, who requested our assistance in finding lost lamplighter, Gus.
  • Returned to Napolean the morning after.
  • Det. told us of two people that had died. Both diseasey like the guy we killed.

    • Girl, clawed up as well
    • Older guy, shot in head

  • Ate hotdogs from crazy old dude who sent us to the wrong, decrepit older church
  • Redirected to newer, scarier church.
  • Inspected dead girl.

    • Especially long finger-nails, gunk underneath
    • Met Doc, weird guy

  • Went to police station, talked to Deputy Jimpson. Who was an ass. Described McCormick as 'sensitive' and 'easily-shooken-up' duh.
  • Went back to Bessies
  • Met with McCormick, who'd found Gus. Gus was wondering around by the mountains.
  • Encounter one: Nighttime we saw him; Hunched humanoid, dark alley-way, shot, kept moving. Scary, inhuman eyes. He ran blindly, completely insane.
  • Encounter two: Gus thinks that something tall, with piercing red eyes was chasing him around dusk.
  • Sleepy time

Current Mood: fine
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
5:00 pm
To the roleplayers
So, yeah, this week isn't happening. Noah made fun of me one post below this for not posting this sooner.
You all know its not happening by now, so that's not why i'm posting this..

Rather, i'd like to say two things

-thursday will normally work. not being able to do it THIS thursday is a one time - or at least, very rare, thing.

- let's try to have an extra long session next week; or two sessions next week.

1:47 pm
Yeah, so I was thinking, if we weren't gonna play this week. This would've been a really cool place to post that information :P :P :P
Saturday, January 14th, 2006
2:27 am
Henry Woolfe
5.14.1928 Monday
5.15.1928 Tuesday

  • Hit & killed syphillus-looking guy.
  • Gus Winters told story about Native Americans killing a group of miners about 100 years ago. Decipated them, and then got slaughtered.
  • Researched aforementioned Native Americans. Possibility of non-killed Native Americans. Also found they were nature-worshippers, and when conquering other tribes would rape and keep sex slaves. Found small statue that was found at Native American grounds in the Napolean school museum. Looked like a reared-up fat bear with no head. Possibly broken off.
  • Gus is missing. Didn't relight lamps.
  • Negro neighbor hasn't seen Gus in weeks.
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